My name is not Poppy Jane. It's actually Clare, but I would have named my daughter Poppy Jane if I'd had a girl, (I had a boy.) Lucky for me, I got to repurpose my awesome girl's name for this website. :)

I have a degree in fine art photography and have been a professional photographer for a couple decades. I love what I do and hopefully it shows. What's most important to me is that you feel relaxed and comfortable during your session and for you to absolutely love the end result.

I work on both sides of the country-- specifically, in the Pacific Northwest and in Southern Vermont. Since sessions are done in your home, travel to you is included in my rate-- assuming you are in the Seattle area or within 1 hour of Brattleboro, Vermont. If you are located outside my area, no problem. I will charge an additional fee of $50 for every additional 45 minutes of driving time.

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